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The Core of the Organization

They are exceptional individuals who share a love of their language and a passion for their culture.


​They are originally from Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Burkina Faso, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


CU welcomes all those who identify as having a background of forced displacement 

Though all conversation partners have a background of forced displacement, no displacement experience is the same.

  • Some have fled violent conflict or persecution.

  • Others lacked job opportunities in their home country and were forced to migrate to support themselves and their families

  • Others are first-generation citizens negotiating their displacement history within the context of their xenophobic, anti-immigrant nation-states.


CU recognizes that forced displacement is both an immediate, raw experience and one that can impact families for generations.

Meet the Conversation Partners

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 Hussam Abdulaziz.jpg
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Abdulrazzak Moustafa.jpg
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What conversation partners are saying about their experience

"An unforgettable moment because the students were delighted to know and share my experience, ie my story of immigration. this semester was wonderful"


French Conversation Partner

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