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Encourage Dialogue.
Reimagine Learning.
Empower Individuals.

Strengthen language learners' conversation skills while encouraging cross-cultural awareness

Any student, whether enrolled in a formal course or learning a language for fun, can work with a conversation partner.

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Conversation Programs

Language Learning

One-on-one conversation sessions with Conversation Partners in Arabic, Spanish, French and German.

Cultural Exchange

One-on-one conversation sessions with Conversation Partners on topics related to Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Studies, Latin American Studies, Africana Studies, Francophone Studies, German Studies, and Migration and Displacement


Integrate Conversations Unbound into curricula

We partner with universities, high schools, and other educational institutions to integrate Conversations Unbound into their language and/or regional studies curricula. This is our signature program.

Educational Institution Partners

Educational Institution Partners

We are partnered with: Vassar College (Arabic, French, Spanish), Yale University (Arabic), Ohio State University (French), Michigan State University (Arabic and Middle Eastern studies), University of Redlands (French), and Casco Bay High (Spanish).

We have previously worked with the Vassa-Wesleyan Paris and Madrid study abroad programs and the University of Richmond (Arabic).

Empower forcibly displaced people as paid online conversation partners

Conversation partners are exceptional individuals who share the love of their language and passion for their culture with their students. ​


They are originally from Syria, Iraq, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Burkina Faso, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Conversation partners receive 100% of their earnings

Unlike every language-learning program out there, Conversations Unbound does not take a comission from the conversation partners. Conversation partners receive 100% of the money they earn from each session.

We believe in empowering displaced communities.

Conversations unbound was founded in 2015 to provide livelihood support for forcibly displaced people, while also meaningfully engaging students in the global issue of forced displacement.

Conversations Unbound is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We are proud to work with students, conversation partners, and team members of all different genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, geographic locations, and immigration statuses

What conversation partners are saying about us

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Arabic Conversation Partner

Help us continue to encourage cross-cultural dialogue and empower forcibly displaced people.

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