Our dynamic, hard-working, and innovative team thrives on a start-up, entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to facilitating meaningful, cross-cultural relationships. CU acknowledges that our team is largely composed of individuals who have benefited from privileged statuses, whether due to our race, socio-economic status, citizenship, etc., and the intersections therein. We also recognize that many on our team do not have a forcibly displaced background. Subsequently, we work diligently to raise awareness and educate the team on issues of diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity. 


To ensure displaced communities are always at the center of our work, our tutors are consulted regularly and have played a major role in the initiation, development, and growth of CU. Our team works with our tutors to create programs that provide meaningful financial support despite some people’s limited access to financial institutions; respect cultural norms; and facilitate engaging cross-cultural dialogues. We systematically turn to our tutors for feedback on how to best empower their communities and improve our programs for students. Additionally, we hold annual webinar workshops to provide a space to listen to our tutor’s thoughts and bring our tutor and administrative teams together to collaborate and learn from each other.

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