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An Introduction to Conversations Unbound

Hello world!

Gabbi, here, with the marketing team at Conversations Unbound, bringing you a brief introduction to our new blog, Blogging! Unbound.

Thank you for checking in. We’re excited to use this platform to bring you updates about our work, information about organizations like ours, and unique perspectives on topics like migration and education!

Our marketing team has worked diligently this semester to get this blog up and running -- we’re so excited for the opportunity to share our passion for this work with you all, and would truly value any and all feedback that you give in the comments below or in our inbox.

In the meantime, we’ll give you a quick overview of what we really do here at Conversations Unbound…

We’re a team of young students invested in the power of technology in education. Through our digital initiative, we pair language tutors abroad with college language learners in the US. The distinguishing feature of our work, though, is that we offer our tutor positions to members of forcibly displaced communities. Through our program, as a clear example of economic empowerment, we hope to rehumanize displaced populations. In highlighting their unique language skill set and their passion for sharing their language and culture with American students, we provide financial support to our tutors in their relatively unstable life situations.

We have tutors from around the world...

And students across the US!

We're growing and expanding every day, and we rely on supporters like you! Thank you for reading our first introductory blog post, and stay tuned on our website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages to stay up to date with our work and our coming blog posts.

Leave your comments below, donate at the top right corner, and follow us on social media in the links at the bottom!

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